What Type of Labels Should I Use for My Glass Doob Tubes?

One of the most popular cannabis products available are pre-rolls or already rolled joints that can be purchased as ready-to-smoke from dispensaries. The most popular way of packaging these pre-rolls is a "doob tube," or a relatively cheap and safe way to store and transport these pre-rolls. Pre-rolls come in all sorts of sizes, varieties, and strains, which means that correctly labeling your doob tubes is essential to selling a marked and differentiable product. Here are the types of labels you should be using for your glass doob tubes for the most effective packaging possible.

Labels for Glass Doob Tubes

What is a Doob Tube?

As mentioned earlier, a doob tube, often made of glass, is used to store and sell pre-rolled joints in cannabis dispensaries. Glass tubes are a more high-end option for nicer, top-shelf strains of weed. On the other hand, more basic or entry-level pre-rolls are often placed in a glass child-resistant tube.

Benefits of Glass Doob Tubes

There are many benefits to using a glass doob tube for your brand of pre-rolled joints. Glass doob tubes are viewed as a higher-end packaging option that can allow you to position your joints as a top-shelf brand. Therefore, using glass doob tubes will allow you to sell your high-quality cannabis products in equally high-quality packaging. Glass tubes are also strong. They seal well with a cork top to keep your pre-rolls fresh and ready to smoke whenever they are in storage or sitting on dispensary shelves.

Labeling Guidelines for Glass Doob Tubes

There is more than just aesthetics involved in your labeling decisions for your doob tubes: In fact, there are a lot of regulations to make sure that labels are clear and easy to read. Doob tubes come in a few sizes, but the most common is the one-ounce tube, which fits the industry-standard one-ounce pre-roll. These bottles must have a label that is a 76mm x 38mm rectangle, a 95mm x 38mm rectangle, an 85mm x 45mm rectangle, or a 100mm x 45mm rectangle. Smaller bottles have smaller label guidelines. For a 14.79ml bottle, your label should be 65mm x 20mm. For an 8.63ml bottle, the label must be 45mm tall and 15-29mm wide. Smaller bottles have further regulations, although they will not be handy as they are too small for most pre-rolls.

Doob Tube Label Materials

There are several options for doob tube label materials that are high quality and visually appealing. One popular option is BOPP roll stickers or biaxially oriented polypropylene stickers. BOPP stickers are plastic film materials with great clarity, durability, water resistance, and UV ray resistance. BOPP is the most popular option because it is aesthetically versatile, allowing you to give your labels and tubes any appearance you want. It is also a very safe product for items meant for consumption, including cannabis products. Nevertheless, if BOPP is not for you, other great options for your doob tube labels include vinyl, paper, and foil.

When creating labels for your glass doob tubes, there are a lot of elements to consider. Not only should you take the various label materials into account, but you should also consider any policies and regulations regarding the clarity of the label. But if any decision should be a "no-brainer," it is that glass doob tubes are an obvious necessity to your cannabis collection. Get top-quality and affordable doob tubes from Acme Vial and Glass Company.