Glass Doob Tubes

If you have a cannabis-oriented business, knowing what new products are on the market is critical. Besides providing fresh supplies for customers to peruse, you also want to offer inexpensive products to make your customers' lives easier and better. Here's where the Doob Tube comes in!

What Are Doob Tubes?

Sandwich baggies stuffed in your customer's pocket are straight out. Small, scratched tins and other stash containers are useful but lack style and customization. In contrast, a Doob Tube is a small, inexpensive, capped glass tube used to carry a joint. This container prevents the joint from being smashed in transit while also protecting against any errant smells or shedding into a pocket. Doob tubes are perfect containers for transporting and distributing cannabis products!

Why You Need Bulk Doob Tubes

Buying in bulk is a lot more cost-effective for any business endeavor, and buying doob tubes is no different. Inexpensive bulk doob tubes can be silk screened with dispensary or manufacturer branding. You can make them as discrete or as flashy as you prefer by adding slogans, patterns, or even your brand name.

Doob Tube Uses

Doob tubes have many uses. They are perfect for transporting small amounts of unwrapped product. Higher-end doob tubes are fantastic to have in your store so that customers can upgrade their carrying possibilities. You can also use branded doob tubes as a free "giveaway" whenever a customer makes a purchase. Doing this adds only a few cents to your bulk order but creates goodwill with your customer, who will be reminded of your brand every time they use the doob tube. Hopefully, they will return to you in the future and purchase more products.

How to Use a Doob Tube

The traditional use for a doob tube is to take a rolled joint and insert it into the tube, closing the top carefully. Doob tubes should be made of a strong glass so they can be reused. A doob tube should also have a strong cap that connects completely and firmly to the tube! Make sure your doob tube seals tightly to protect the product from moisture and to prevent the scent of cannabis from escaping the tube.

Doob Tube FAQs

Are Doob Tubes Smell Proof?

The primary function of a doob tube is to be smell-proof. A great doob tube is strong and has the ability to seal tightly. Not only does this stop the scent from escaping, but it prevents moisture or water from damaging the product before it is used.