How to Reduce the Smell of Cannabis

CBD oil, chocolate, strawberries, and a vape pen on a table

While the stigma of cannabis use is fading, its distinctive odor remains. Despite its health and relaxation benefits, people often avoid carrying cannabis with them due to its pungent aroma. Your customers should be able to use cannabis where they want without broadcasting it to the people on the streets. The success of your business is at stake when it comes to this matter, because when customers can discreetly carry cannabis with them, they are likely to use your products more often. Continue reading to learn five effective ways to reduce the smell of cannabis.

Package Joints in Glass Doob Tubes

The doob tube is one innovative way to transport cannabis. A doob tube is a small tube that seals in particulates carrying the signature odor. While a typical homemade doob tube is made out of flimsy materials like plastic or cardboard, you can get glass doob tubes at Acme Vial. This sturdy container keeps the cannabis safe and prevents kids and pets from gaining easy access.

Glass is a unique material that prevents the cannabis aroma from spreading while also keeping it sanitary. Porous materials such as cardboard absorb scents and oils over time, giving the cannabis product a stale and musty odor. On the other hand, Acme Vial’s glass doob tubes can last a lifetime and will maintain the freshness of cannabis products.

Sell Smoke Neutralizers or Air Purifiers

When someone smokes cannabis, neutralizers and air purifiers will always come in handy. Smoke neutralizers use a spray that shoots small compounds designed to trap odor molecules at their source. These compounds are often made of natural sugar molecules and are perfectly safe for indoor use. Air purifiers work by circulating air through a series of filters, catching smaller and smaller particles in each layer.

For the best results, customers should try both of these solutions in their homes. Selling smoke neutralizers and air purifiers provides a two-pronged approach for in-home odor elimination for cannabis users.

Bundle Products With Incense or Air Fresheners

There are other less intensive ways to reduce unwanted smells, including cannabis. Scented candles, essential oils, incense, and air fresheners are a few examples of products that mask unpleasant odors. As a small and inexpensive consumable, these types of items are excellent complimentary products to bundle with cannabis.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are a novel and alternative way to store cannabis. This product appeals to many because they are discreet, convenient, and have a futuristic look to them. Additionally, precise temperature control allows vape pens to deliver more active compounds in a much smaller profile.

While the design of vape pens is impressive, some customers may feel these are too technical. Almost feeling as if the device turns a recreational activity into a science project. On top of that, vape pens require regular maintenance, have to be recharged, and need a refill of cannabis oil from time to time. While there are some benefits to selling cannabis in vape pens, you must abide by local laws and sell these at your own discretion.


Customers should also have the option of ordering edibles for the ultimate discreet cannabis treat. These snacks contain either THC or CBD (or both) as active ingredients. Cannabis edibles can come in the form of candy, beverages, or even baked goods. The active ingredients in these treats have to be digested and metabolized. This means it will take longer for the cannabis to kick into someone’s system, but the effects will last two to three times longer than when someone smokes cannabis.


Whether for privacy or safety, there are many reasons to reduce the smell of cannabis. Solutions to this issue include doob tubes, smoke neutralizers, air purifiers, scented candles, incense, vape pens, and edibles. Some of these products provide alternate ways for people to use cannabis without attracting attention to themselves, which can improve customer loyalty and lead to increased sales.

From the reliable glass doob tube to the high-tech smoke neutralizer, there are various products you can provide directly to cannabis customers. View our selection of bulk doob tubes and begin reducing the smell of cannabis in your products.