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There are a lot of important decisions that get made about how a product gets presented to customers. One of the most important decisions is how products are packaged. The packaging can significantly impact different things, from the impression your customers have of your product and company to preserving the quality of whatever you're packaging. The best packaging for a few different products is a small glass vial in many cases.

What Are Small Glass Vials?

Vials are small vessels that are designed to be closed and able to contain liquids. They have a body, neck, and thread. They can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, depending on your needs and what you are looking for. You can have mini glass vials, tall glass vials, or round glass vials, as a few examples. Most glass vials used for product packaging tend to have flat bottoms, but there are also round bottom glass vials. You might find 1 mL sample vials, 10 mL glass vials, 15 mL glass vials, 1 oz glass vials. The most common colors used are clear, amber, green, and cobalt blue. Small glass vials are simply glass vials that are small in size.

Types of Small Glass Vials

Despite the simplicity of what it is for something to be a small glass vial, there is quite a lot of variety in the different types. Screw thread vials work well for dry or liquid products, thanks to the screw or dropper caps designed to use as closures. Sample vials are tiny vials that are commonly used for things like perfume samples, though they can also be used for dry or liquid products. Display glass vials are best for displaying dry goods or containing samples. Patent lip glass vials can be used for dry or liquid products and are characterized by the rubber or cork stoppers used to close them up. Capsule vials are known for their constant diameter throughout the vial. The only variation here is in their heights.

Uses for Small Glass Vials

So what sorts of things can little glass vials be used for? As it turns out, quite a lot. Mostly it depends on the size of the bottle, the type of opening, and what you want to put into it. Amber or cobalt blue vials are commonly used for storing essential oils. These colors can better protect the light-sensitive oils because they block out specific wavelengths of light.

In comparison, clear glass vials do not block light, but they offer an unparalleled view of their contents. People often store various solvents, solutions, and samples in different vials. Perfumes, contact lens solution, insect repellent, and even hand sanitizer or lotion can be stored in empty glass vials. Sterile glass vials are often used for holding or mixing various medications, including those used by people with diabetes. They can be used for herb storage, cosmetics, or even as a container for food products.