USA Glass Vial Manufacturing

So many of the things you need to use each day in your essential oil, cannabis, or beauty product business are kept in various containers. And many people do not spend a lot of time thinking about the containers their products are kept in or how well they can work. One such container commonly used for these kinds of products is the glass vial. Glass vial manufacturers in the USA create their vials to hold many different items and to last over time while maintaining the quality of the items inside. When you understand what glass vials are made of and how they can benefit your company, you can understand how to store the various products you create and market correctly.

Who Needs Glass Vial Manufacturing?

Glass vials are the industry standard in many different types of businesses for storing their products. Most commonly, these kinds of bottles are used for storing various liquid items for a variety of companies. Custom bottle manufacturers in the US are generally used for cosmetics, aromatherapy oils, homeopathic medications, and food items. But they can be used for a variety of other purposes. The bottles can be customized to meet the needs of particular products. For example, some items or fluids require dark bottles to keep out light while others can be clear.

These uses are the most common, but glass vials can be used even more. For example, some vials are used to store minerals found in mining. And other glass vials are used for educational purposes in museums, zoos, and different educational environments. 

Benefits of Glass Vial Manufacturing

The glass vial manufacturing process comes with many benefits instead of other types of manufacturing. Creating glass is much more environmentally friendly than making plastic bottles. Glass is also much more easily recycled than other options. This is important because modern consumers are more concerned with their carbon impact than customers have been historically.

The tubular glass vial manufacturing process creates vials that are well suited to various products across industries, from aromatherapy to cosmetics and many things in between. Glass vials can also be custom-designed to meet your needs. This can impact the shape and size of your vials and their strength. That gives you the flexibility to create bottles that are perfectly tailored to your products and their needs.

How are Glass Vials Manufactured?

Our method of manufacturing utilizes glass forming machines. The tubular glass vials manufacturing process makes it easy to customize the vials you order for the needs of your particular products.

Tubular Glass Vials are hot-formed from a rod of glass tubing. The neck is formed first using a flame and tool to create the perfect shape, after which heat is precisely applied to allow separation of the new vial from the continuous length of tubing, thus forming the base and determining the height of the vial. Tubular glass vials, like molded vials are also passed through an annealing lehr to reduce stress caused by the hot-forming process.

Tubular glass vials have a smooth, even surface and a thin, uniform wall thickness. They have a relatively flat base compared to the more concave base of a molded vial.

Tubular glass vials are converted using long tubing sections of glass that is made to a specific body OD and wall thickness, allowing for a more consistently produced vial in both appearance and fill capacity.

Glass vials can be a great storage solution for various businesses. This storage option is attractive, customizable, and environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a method of holding your essential oils or other products, glass vials can be a perfect solution for your needs.