Custom-Design Bottles and Packaging

Custom orders are welcome. If you are looking for a vial that is not within our stock product line we have the capabilities to custom manufacture vials to fit your specific needs. We can help you design a vial to your specifications and then manufacture in small or large quantities. Capabilities include the forming of tubular glass vials with the following finishes: shell (fire polish), screw thread, crimp, patent lip and display.

Standard screw thread finishes as outlined by GPI include but are not limited to: 8-425, 13-425, 15-425, 18-400, 20-400, 22-400, 24-400

Glass tubing options include: type I amber and clear borosilicate and soda lime (type 3)

Stock tubing options range from 7.75mm to 29mm outer diameter. Length capabilities range from 19mm to 203mm.