Glass Joint Tubes & Containers

What are Glass Joint Tubes?

Glass joint tubes, also known as pre-roll tubes, are designed to keep dried herbs and cannabis packaging dry, fresh, and secure. They also provide a convenient way for your customers to take their joints on the go. Pre-roll tubes are the best, most practical way for marijuana retailers to package pre-rolled joints to ensure quality, freshness, and discretion. Plastic tubes are also available, but glass is the best material for many important reasons. You can buy these tubes in bulk at a very low price.

Advantages of Glass Joint Containers

Aside from being eco-friendlier and more stylish than plastic, glass joint containers are better than plastic for other reasons as well. Read on to learn why glass is the best material for pre-roll tubes.

Smell Proof

Many people are put off by the smell of cannabis, and the people spending time with your customers will appreciate the consideration that is shown by storing joints in a smell proof bottle. This is especially needed for any partially smoked joints, which can give off a powerful, lingering smell. It is also beneficial to have the option to carry a joint in a pocket, purse, or backpack without having the smell seep into everything.

Child Resistant

Most states require cannabis packaging to be child resistant. Our glass joint tubes with a screw-top lid are child-resistant, passing all required tests for compliance. We are passionate about helping your products keep their quality and freshness, as well as protecting young children from accidental exposure.


Glass joint tubes will allow your customers the greater discretion they are looking for. Because these tubes are smell proof, there will be no traceable odors to attract unwanted attention. Additionally, glass pre-roll tubes are especially suited to applying packaging stickers that can further mask the contents. Furthermore, glass tubes give off the luxury aesthetic that many people want.


One thing that makes the pre-roll tube a cannabis staple and the industry's most popular type of packaging is its functionality and versatility. Whatever aesthetic you are looking for, we have a tube to suit it. While screw-top glass tubes are great for safety and compliance to state guidelines, the cork top pre-roll tube is especially boujee. Furthermore, with a variety of different sizes, we have tubes suited for all your products, including blunts. Finally, pre-roll tubes can be used for certain edibles, as well.

Different Sizes

Our glass pre-roll tubes come in various lengths ranging from 110-125mm. One of the more popular vials measures 114mm in length and is the perfect size for holding a half-gram joint. These are ideal as a grab-and-go product placed near checkout. The 115mm length will hold the moderately sized .75 gram joint. Finally, the 120mm length tube is best for the king-size cone. In addition to providing varying lengths, we offer a range of widths. While most people prefer a narrow tube to hold a single joint, there are also wide-mouthed jars available to hold multiple pre-rolls.

Cork, Screw Top

With joint tubes, the top matters. We offer both cork and screw top lids. The screw top lids are critical for states that require child resistant cannabis packaging. If you live in a state with this requirement and choose a cork top, you will need to add additional packaging that is child resistant. Otherwise, cork tops look classy and form a tight seal while still being easy to open.