What's The Difference Between A Dropper And A Pipette?

an elderly woman uses a dropper to apply CBD oil to her hand

When you are manufacturing products that need to be administered in small amounts, you need a tool that you can use to facilitate that process. Both dropper bottles and pipettes are good options that work well in specific situations. But it is helpful to know whether a dropper bottle or a pipette will be the best choice for your products. As you learn more about the difference between the two, you can choose an option that is well suited for your needs.

What is a Dropper

Droppers are a small tool that allows your product to be applied one drop at a time. The great thing about droppers is that they are part of glass dropper bottles. That means that they function as a bottle lid while allowing your customers to use them to administer the product. They generally are made of a rubber bulb on a threaded cap that acts as a lid, while the bulb is the mechanism for pulling liquid into the dropper. Additionally, a chamber at the bottom sits inside the bottle. This chamber is essentially a pipette used to hold the liquid when you squeeze the rubber bulb. These dropper bottles with pipettes are an excellent choice and can be especially great if children should not use your products. These glass dropper lids can be childproofed as well.

What is a Pipette?

A pipette is a component of glass dropper bottles and can be used on its own as a separate tool. These pipettes are essential to glass dropper bottles wholesale, but on their own, they do not add as much functionality as a full dropper assembly does. A pipette and rubber bulb on its own could be used for multiple products since it would not be contained in a particular size dropper vial. However, they tend to be easier to misplace and less convenient for the same reason. Whether you are using a pipette on its own or as part of a dropper bottle, they can be found in calibrated versions marked with measurements to ensure a consistent dose.

Dropper bottles and pipettes are very similar; a pipette is a standard part of the dropper bottle itself. It would help to choose whether you want a whole dropper bottle system or simply a pipette based on how you imagine the product will be used. Once you have selected your option, you can design and market the product with a dropper bottle label size suited to the bottle you choose.

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