What Temperatures Can Glass Vials Withstand?

Tiny vials are fantastic for storing small liquids or other delicate products. Glass vials with caps are ideal for storing a substance at a more extreme temperature. Mini vials that are made of glass can handle temperatures below freezing. It is safe to assume that a small glass vial can withstand a standard freezing temperature of four degrees below zero Celsius. Certain tiny glass vials can be used up to eighty degrees below zero Celsius. If you use a glass vial with a screw cap, you should be cautious since polypropylene, a material commonly used for caps, gets increasingly brittle in extreme temperatures.

a selection of glass vials

Storing Glass Vials Safely

Whether they are 1 mL glass vials or 10 mL glass vials, it is essential to store them properly. Incorrect storage techniques can lead to cracks and other damage. When storing small glass vials, you must keep them out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that you store them on plastic racks that are made for storing miniature vials. Be careful to avoid abrupt temperature changes–if you are putting your containers in a room at temperatures below freezing for preservation purposes, you should not immediately move them to a hot area. You may even want to use a fridge to warm it up before you bring the tiny vial to room temperature. Make sure that mini glass vials, or glass vials of any size, are padded when stored together to prevent scraping or chipping. Keep them away from high surfaces where they could fall and break easily.


High-quality packaging should be something that you take seriously. Whether it is for preserving freshness or freezing ingredients, you need to be sure that the small glass vials you have will do the job you need them to do. At Acme Vial, our wide variety of mini vials will provide the containment you need. Whether a 1 mL, 10 mL, or 15 mL vial, we have the high-quality variety necessary for any business. Our glass vials with caps are made with only the finest materials and are made to withstand both hot and cold temperatures. You can use Acme Vial equipment for years with proper care and storage.