What Kinds of Products are Sold in Dropper Bottles?

person sitting at a desk dropping essential oil onto their skin

Selecting the proper packaging to market and sell products is crucial in today’s day and age. Dropper bottles are one of many packaging options that can work for various liquid products. If your liquid product is meant to be used in small doses, you should definitely consider buying bulk glass dropper bottles. Today’s article will focus on five products that are commonly sold in a dropper bottle.


CBD oil is one of the most common products sold in glass dropper bottles in today's market. This product is helpful for people in many ways. A number of manufacturers use dropper bottles with pipettes for their CBD products, allowing their customers to administer an appropriate dosage amount whenever they use it.

Beard Oil

Dropper bottles are also ideal for beard oil because a little bit goes a long way with beard oil. Your customers will be more mindful about using beard oil when using this product in a dropper bottle with a pipette. With this packaging, people can easily apply a small amount of beard oil directly to their beard. Since everyone's hair is different, some consumers may use more beard oil than others. However, selling this product in a glass dropper bottle helps people reduce the amount of beard oil they use at once.

Skin Care Products

Skin care products can also be packaged in dropper bottles. Make sure you select the correct dropper bottle label size so your customers can read the ingredients and know the amount of product they should use. Selling skin care products in clear glass dropper bottles will allow customers to determine how much product they want to apply to their skin and make adjustments as needed over time.

Hair Care Products

An ounce dropper bottle is perfect for skin care products, and these bottles are equally suitable for hair care products. Dropper bottles such as dram glass vials with a dropper are ideal for vitamin treatments and other targeted hair care products. Always attach a label with instructions to help your customers know how much of the product is needed each time they use it.

Essential Oils

If you sell essential oils, buying glass dropper bottles in bulk can make your life a lot easier. Dram dropper vials are the best kind of dropper bottle for essential oils. Essential oils often need to be applied in small amounts, and this type of dropper bottle gives people the customization they need to use their oils. Whether someone uses one oil at a time or mixes up a few of them together, they can measure each essential oil with precision using a dram vial with a dropper.

If you are considering using a dropper bottle to sell your products, you should have a general idea about the way people will use the product. With that in mind, you can make an informed decision about the specific kind of dropper bottle you need. Selling your product in clear glass dropper bottles allow customers to see how much is left, giving them a reminder to buy more when they notice it is running low. If you sell CBD oil, skin care products, or essential oils, you can order glass dropper bottles in bulk from us, reducing your product packaging costs and increasing your potential revenue.