Cosmetic Packaging Trends: The Dropper Bottle Is Back!

Over the last few years, the dropper bottle has made a comeback in the cosmetic packaging industry. Because of the rise of cosmetic oils and new liquid formulas like makeup and skincare products, dropper bottles are more popular than ever! Continue reading to find out what qualifies as a dropper bottle and why they are so popular.

Cosmetic Packaging Trends

What Is a Dropper Bottle?

Dropper bottles are glass containers used to store nutraceuticals, CBD oils, hemp oils, herbal oils, essential oils, cosmetics, and much more. These containers typically range from one to two-ounce dropper bottles. Clear glass dropper bottles tend to be more popular for companies who purchase the glass dropper bottles wholesale or dropper bottles in bulk. This makes the container more versatile for a variety of formulated products and packaging. Dropper bottles purchased wholesale or in bulk are a multifunctional and efficient way to package your product.

Why are Dropper Bottles Popular?

Over the last few years, cosmetics and formulas have changed to a more liquid format. Formulas for products such as highlighters, shimmers, tints, and skincare products are increasingly made in liquid form. Many find the liquid is easier for their skin to absorb and has a longer-lasting effect. Essential oils have also made this market blossom.

Another benefit to glass dropper bottles is the dram vial with dropper. Dram dropper vials offer the ability to precisely control product dispensing. This lets the user control how much or little they want to use. This is especially advantageous for e-liquids, essential oils, aromatherapy products, and so much more. It also makes it easy for manufacturers to prescribe dosage amounts for their products. Dropper bottles with pipettes are especially useful for transferring liquids one drop at a time.

Many users prefer using a glass dropper because it lets them accurately determine how much product they have left. Dropper bottle label size can is typically 3" wide by 1.5" tall. However, you can customize your label to fit your product's description. You can also choose transparent or opaque labels to help users determine how much product is remaining.

This cosmetic packaging offers functionality, safety, and protection from contamination. It is no wonder that the cosmetic industry is catching the hype for dropper bottles! Offer your customers a romantic and vintage experience by transitioning to the increasingly popular demand for dropper bottles.

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