Top 7 Ways to Reuse Dropper Bottles

Essential oil manufacturers and distributors move large quantities of products every year, and there are always a few leftover empty dropper bottles that remain unused. Rather than throwing them away, here are seven different ways you can repurpose leftover bottles and continue to gain a profit from them.

Top 7 Ways to Reuse Dropper Bottles

Create a Custom Perfume Line

If the chemically-concocted, fake-smelling fragrances from your local retail store aren't working for you anymore, it may be time to take those extra glass dropper bottles and create your own custom perfume line. This idea is not only beneficial for your own personal use, but you can also sell it to make a greater profit. Create a custom perfume line by filling the glass dropper with your favorite combinations of natural scents. Then, market it with instructions to pour a couple of drops of perfume into a 15 ml spray bottle filled with water, and voila! You have a sprayable perfume with a pleasant natural scent.

Design Travel Kits

Most customers fill their homes with essential oils but are at a loss when they want to enjoy those same scents on the go. Meet your customers' needs and increase your potential profit in one fell swoop by designing and marketing cute essential oil travel kits that customers can take with them on trips. Fill up your extra clear glass dropper bottles with a solution, like mint for car sickness, jasmine for a red-eye flight, or rosemary for a camping trip. Throw a few bottles into a cute, spill-proof bag and make big bucks during holidays.

Spice Up Your Christmas Decor

If you have come into possession of glass dropper bottles in bulk around the holiday season and have no idea what to do with them, then this idea will be perfect for you: essential oil Christmas lights! Before using them, give your glass dropper bottles a good clean and dry them thoroughly. Then, put a sizeable hole into the lid of your dropper bottle and insert the light into the lid before closing the lid around the dropper bottle. What better way is there to spice up your home or office Christmas decor!

Showcase Tiny Flowers

Another great use for recycled glass dropper bottles is to use them as tiny flower vases. This is a perfect, easy craft idea for kids who would love to showcase their little dandelions or daisies from the yard. Add a pop of color to a small nightstand or bookshelf—or even a dollhouse—by placing a couple of small flower clippings into a bit of water. Wrap with string or tweed for an extra touch. After all, little flowers should be appreciated too, right?

Make Some Flavored Toothpicks

This is an idea that not only families may be interested in, but restaurants as well. Give customers a lovely post-meal experience by creating flavored toothpicks from any leftover glass dropper bottle and oils. All you have to do is place the clean, unused toothpicks into the dropper bottle and pour a couple of drops of oil into the dropper bottle, just enough to lightly coat the very tip of the toothpicks. Let them absorb the oil for a couple of days. In the end, you will have a yummy, scented toothpick that you actually want to stick in between your teeth! Oils like peppermint and citrus are going to work best here.

Produce a DIY Deodorizer for the Bedroom

No matter how clean you might be, it is normal to shed dirt and sweat in bed. As a result, your mattress may be a bit smelly. To freshen up your mattress, consider making a DIY deodorizer with wholesale glass dropper bottles and a bit of leftover essential oils. It's the perfect solution for both your mattress—and your pocketbook. Customers will love these!

All you have to do to create your DIY deodorizer is take a used glass dropper bottle (or, if it is new, pour a couple of drops of your favorite oil into the dropper), fill it with baking soda, and then let it sit for at least twelve hours until oil is absorbed. Sprinkle the scented baking soda onto your mattress. Vacuum up the scented baking soda after one hour.

Free Samples

Lastly, free product samples are probably your best bet if you are looking for a way to use your wholesale glass dropper bottles but not sell anything. Using these glass dropper bottles for free samples will allow you to experiment with new scents for future products. After customers have a chance to use the free samples, ask them to fill out a survey to collect information on what scents are most popular.

If you have found yourself in possession of a bunch of unused (or even used) glass dropper bottles, don't just throw them away! There are so many ways you can recycle these useful dropper bottles—as well as make a little money on the side. If you haven't liked any of the ideas above, you can also use your droppers bottles to create gift boxes during the holidays, DIY hand sanitizers, smelling salts, or even a custom face serum. However, in the end, if you can't use these bottles, at least take them to your local glass recycler, who can ensure that they are put to good use elsewhere.