How to Keep Pre-Roll Joints Fresh For a Long Time

Cannabis product manufacturers need to keep up with the heavy competition of today’s market. As marijuana becomes more and more normalized and widespread, you must be able to give your customers and retailers the best pre-roll joints they can get. It is crucial to go above and beyond to ensure optimum freshness for all pre-roll packaging that you manufacture. Raw pre-roll tubes inside glass pre-roll storage gives everyone the highest-quality product possible. Continue reading to learn about the best practices for keeping pre-roll joints fresh for a long time.

Pre-rolled CBD against a marble background

Glass Storage and Packaging

Glass pre-roll containers are superior to their cheaper alternatives. This is because glass does a far better job of maintaining freshness due to its airtight seal. Glass pre-roll packaging is also an attractive option for retailers because of its high-quality look and feel. You can customize most glass varieties of pre-roll joint packaging for joints of different sizes, and sometimes opaque options are available, thus making it easier than ever to have branded glass pre-roll tubes.

Reduce Agitation During Shipping

Joints are fragile, so shipping poses a substantial risk to the quality of your products. Pre-roll packaging that is something other than glass will most likely not be adequate enough to ship. For example, while a Ziploc bag may technically be considered a pre-roll container, the joints will inevitably get crushed. Using custom glass pre-roll tubing will ensure your products remain intact and your customers get the products they deserve. Larger glass containers such as jars have too much space, so smaller glass vials work best for storing pre-roll joints.

Keep Away From Light And Moisture

You already know that growing a cannabis plant requires careful climate, humidity, and light monitoring. Even after it is harvested, cannabis still has light sensitivity, making it all the more important to preserve pre-roll joints so they don't dry out or degrade. Custom pre-roll packaging is perfect for protecting these commodities. There are even some types of pre-roll tubing you can use in conjunction with a humidity pack. A humidity pack regulates the internal moisture inside pre-roll containers so the joints remain as fresh as possible.

Temperature Control

Joints must remain at 68 degrees Fahrenheit with an airtight RH of 58 to 62% humidity when stored in a pre-roll container. These conditions are virtually impossible to control without glass pre-roll packaging. A pre-roll joint getting shipped will be transferred through many different vehicles, warehouses, and cargo bays. Don't let the quality of your product be at the mercy of these external factors. Instead, get custom pre-roll joint packaging from us to ensure your products arrive safely to their destination.


Cannabis products such as pre-roll joints need to be stored in good pre-roll packaging; there is no way around it. The alternative means that your pre-roll joints could get crushed, torn, or disintegrated in transit.

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