5 Emerging Trends in Essential Oil Marketing and Packaging!

A bottle of essential oil

The essential oils industry has grown exponentially over the past decade. Whether for sensory purposes, energy cleansing, or skincare, more and more people understand how beneficial essential oils can be. As the industry has grown, so have the standards for essential oil packaging. Do not be left behind on the current trends involving bottling and packaging essential oils.

Decreasing Public Skepticism

In the past, essential oils have had a mixed reputation. Many people were skeptical of the admittedly dubious claims made by certain companies or manufacturers, especially since such claims often came without any medical evidence to back them up. But now, skepticism is going down! As long as companies avoid misleading or exaggerated marketing, there is no reason that everyone cannot enjoy the benefits of essential oils for their respective reasons. It is becoming a regular to spot a beard oil bottle or a massage oil bottle sitting on the shelf of your friends and family.

Big Bottles are Out. Tiny Vials are In.

If there is one thing that modern-day consumers love, it is aesthetics. People love to have their clothes, colors, photos, and home interiors just right. Every cute little piece should be in place, especially for that social media photo! That is one of the reasons why people love small, high-quality essential oil vials that will look amazing and store easily. You will not have to worry about plastic contamination with customized clear glass oil bottles. Larger containers are usually unnecessary anyways. Most essential oil users only need a few drops at a time, whether they are putting it on their skin or in their diffuser.

Retail Distribution is Up

The boost in popularity of essential oils has inevitably resulted in a significant upswing in retail distribution. You had to look hard for essential oils if you needed one; that usually meant a more obscure and expensive local store or online shopping. Now chains like Walmart carry the classics in the standard essential oil packaging of 1 oz oil bottles, 1 ml oil bottles, and 5 ml oil bottles. The effect this has had on the market has been tremendous.

Specialized Products Marketed in Various Verticals

Specificity and specialization are key. Finding your niche has always been important in business and is no different in the essential oils industry. People are buying essential oils for many various reasons. Some want oils for aromatherapy. Some want oils that are safe to use on clothing or shoes. Others want oils that are safe for consumption or use with children. Others want essential oils that can be vaporized and breathed in. Others want to ensure their product is responsibly produced and eco-friendly, with recyclable and lead-free packaging like customizable essential oil glassware. Many verticals within the market can be taken advantage of when it comes to your essential oils company.

Dropper Bottles

While many designs and methods have been used for essential oil packaging, the dropper bottle looks like it will be the most popular now and in the future. In most cases, the design is quite simple. You have an opaque or transparent glass oil bottle with a rubber cap. The rubber cap will have the dropper built in so that it can be easily removed and quickly utilized for whatever purpose you want. The dropper's simplicity, efficiency, and ease mean that this design is used in everything from beard oil bottles to body oil bottles to massage oil bottles.


The essential oil market is growing, but that also means high competition. If you want to have a chance to find and market to your desired demographic, you need to make sure you have only the highest quality essential oil vials. Ideally, they should be small, effective, and better than what you might find in a retail store (although your product's specific features will change some aspects of the essential oil packaging you need).

At Acme Vial & Glass, we have everything you could desire for your custom essential oil bottles. High-quality essential oil glassware is our specialty, and we care just as much as you about making our essential oil packaging perfect for the product and market at hand. Contact Acme Vial & Glass to view the options available for the industry's best essential oil bottles.